Melissa 'Vanilla' Roberts new Guyana road march queen 2014 condemns entertainment industry

Melissa “Vanilla” Roberts dethroned former Guyanese road march king Adrian Dutchin to become Guyana's road march queen for 2014.

Roberts copped the title of Road March Queen with her tune “Yada Yada”.

In "Yada Yada", Roberts fires lyrical blows to almost everyone in the entertainment industry including fans. She claim that in order to be relevant in Guyana's music industry, artistes must create songs that doesn't make sense because songs with sensible content are disregarded.

This is the fourth time she has copped the road march title. In 2007, she won with “Queen of the Band” while in 2008, she was victorious with “High” and in 2010, she copped the title with “Rude”. Roberts also used "Yada Yada" in the 2014 Carib soca monarch but failed to secure a spot among the top five competitors.

Vanilla has taken the road march title away from Adrian Dutchin who won it in 2013 with “Jook”. Adrian Dutchin has won the road march title seven times previously and was eyeing his eighth title but came up short of a victory.

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