Jah Cure, Christopher Martin Vehicles Seized By Jamaican Government

Two high end vehicles belonging to reggae singers Jah Cure and Christopher Martin were seized this week by Jamaican anti corruption officials.

According to reports, officials from the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption agency (MOCA) and the Revenue Protection Division seized over a dozen high end vehicles in a major crack down.

A Range Rover, a BMW X5 and a Mecerdes Benz were among the vehicles seized. Investigators say the vehicles were illegally imported into the island.

Christopher Martin’s manager Lydon Kingy Letman says the singer purchased the car from off a lot and is puzzled by the seizure.

“We are talking to the lawyer, but I can say that we saw that vehicle on a car lot which is a registered car lot so we inspect it and buy the vehicle so it wasn’t we who imported the vehicle,” Letman said.

Jamaican Government officials say they will be releasing a statement to the media.

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