Guyanese DJ Casual shot because of ice

Curtis Armstrong, 34, also called “Deejay Casual” of Georgetown Guyana, was shot two times and was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he is now recovering after surgery. Sean Hinds, 30, of North Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, who intervened in the scuffle, was shot to his left leg. He too is a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

While information about the shooting remains sketchy, relatives of the deejay remained tightlipped and refused to speak to the media, claiming that once he is out of danger, they will issue a press release.

According to information received, the shooting stemmed from an argument over an ice bucket.

Nevertheless, based on information gathered, Armstrong was a patron in the VIP section of the Guyana National Stadium for a concert, and apparently he went to a friend’s table to collect some ice, but another man who was at the table was not too pleased; hence, he warned the radio announcer not to return.

This prompted an exchange of “disrespectful words” between the men which went on for a few minutes before the charade eventually ended after the intervention of a few friends. By this time, rain had began to fall leaving patrons scampering for cover.

It was at this time that the deejay decided to walk to his car, but he was confronted by one of the suspects and another argument ensued. During the argument, according to reports, a high-tempered Armstrong punched the suspect to his face, and a scuffle started.

A close friend of the deejay, who was at the hospital, said the suspect pulled out a gun from his waist and discharged a round on the ground in an attempt to scare Armstrong, but he did not back down.

The deejay reportedly used explicit words, announcing that he was not afraid of guns and challenged the man to shoot him if he had “guts”. The man in response discharged two rounds, one hitting Armstrong to his hand and the other in the abdomen.

Hinds, who was close by, went to Armstrong’s rescue and was shot to his left leg by the man who was armed with a .32 revolver. The suspect, along with another man then boarded a Toyota Tundra and made good their escape. It is believed that the firearm that was used might have been illegally obtained.

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