He’s one of the hottest names in the dancehall arena at present, but deejay Alkaline still find time to give those in need.

He recently made a cash donation to two ladies, namely Kirby Campbell and Jamie Sitcheran who are both cancer patients. The donation will go towards off setting their medical costs and treatment.

In a release to the media, Alkaline explained why he embarked on the gesture to assist the ladies.

‘In all honesty, upon hearing the ladies’ stories, I realized that there are a lot of persons who are desperately in need of assistance. I thought that assisting them would be a way of testing myself and what it would feel like to do some good for others. As it turned out, it was a good feeling and it is something that I will continue to do for a long time’, said Alkaline.

Alkaline was made aware of the ladies’ situation through his management team.

Kirby Campbell has been diagnosed with a muscle cell cancer known as Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC).

‘One day I was traveling on a bus and I was punched in the face by a man who was touching me inappropriately. I retaliated and he punched me. The impact from the punch resulted in a swelling on my neck. After I went to the doctor that’s when I found out that I had the cancer’, Miss Campbell explained.

Commenting on the gesture extended to her by Alkaline, she said ‘I want to thank Alkaline for helping me out because I needed the support and the contribution and I thank God because he came to my rescue. I wish Alkaline all the best, long life and nuff success’, Miss Campbell added.

Jamie Sitcheran has been suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer originating from white blood cells, since 2009. Her body has become unresponsive to treatment that she has been receiving locally, and has been advised by her doctor to seek treatment overseas.

She is a single mother and is unable to work.

‘I am grateful and thankful that Alkaline has considered assisting me and I appreciate the reach out from him. It is heartfelt and overwhelming. My prayers are being answered every day and this is the biggest one so far. I am just so grateful and thankful’, Ms Sitcheran said.

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