Bounty Killer Ready To Clash Mavado

After years of avoiding a lyrical brawl with his protégé Mavado, dancehall icon Bounty Killer has finally decided to respond to the Gullyside singjay, who has aimed several subliminal disses at him since they parted ways in 2010.

Bounty was unavailable for comment. However, a new song called Death Work surfaced on YouTube on April 30, in which Bounty Killer unleashes his fury on Mavado and his Gullyside camp.

Dancehall enthusiasts had long expected a lyrical battle to start between the artistes, especially since Mavado’s fellow Gullyside artiste Chase Cross had released a diss song aimed at Bounty Killer in 2011.

Several YouTubers also began to upload songs captioned as Mavado disses towards Bounty.

Mavado’s singles, Dem A Try Style Man and Pon Di Gully are both labelled as Bounty Killer disses on YouTube . Notably in Pon Di Gully, Mavado sings “Inna di dancehall a just me alone, di people nuh wah see nuh next gad”. This is a line which Bounty Killer sees as a subliminal diss and went on to respond to the artiste by deejaying, “A one general inna music bout bex bad, and dem nuh wah see a next gad? Tell madden send him best bag,” along with a string of expletives.

Bounty Killer also called out Mavado’s manager and reminded the singjay not to be ungrateful. “Sign yu to Khaled, sen yu guh foreign to make a outreach, yu tun rapper groupie, deh dung a South Beach and have the heart fi come a run off yu mouth peace, pass yu place a yu career a gonna out it, everything pon the Gully mi a rub out it. Bwoy tell yu bout yu madda and yu big him up, yow yu been a drop words come act big enough confront the General, hope yu can live it up,” Bounty deejays in Death Work.

The Alliance and Gullyside feud is also spreading to the other artistes under each camp. Iyara from the Alliance and 3 Star Wildlife of the Gullyside have already released diss songs targeting each other.

Since the start of the feud, Alliance affiliated recording artiste Busy Signal also sent a warning to Mavado in a song called Real Talk in which he deejays, “Singer nuffi a war Bounty real talk, him nuh memba when him bruck and when him hungry? A beg the bills and the 50? Tell him nuh be an ungrateful pickney, Killa a di man wey help people pickney buss di youths outa the slum fi mek it musically. Now yu mek it pon yu own a feed yu family. Rodney Price cudda neva be mi enemy”. That song is labelled on YouTube as a Mavado dis.

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