Guyana's president angering concerned Guyanese

A photograph of Guyana's president Donald Ramotar have been circling around on Facebook, which shows Mr. Ramotar holding a board with the words "Bring back our girls" written on it.

The Bring Back Our Girls campaign symbolizes support for the finding of 230 Nigerian girls that have been kidnapped and have not yet been found.

Many Guyanese Facebook users have chimed in on the photo expressing their disgust at the president claiming that his concern should first be placed on the children of Guyana instead of other countries.

Some of the comments written under the photo read:

"why he didn't have a sign saying 'stop brutalizing & killing Guyana's young people'?

"copy cat...its a joke for him to do that when his so called ministers taking advantage of plenty of our young girls in Guyana"

"So ironic. The hypocracy that coming out of the wood work with these politicians today. They care more about what's going on in other countries but don't give a damn about what is going on in the countries they govern. Don't get me wrong, its tragic that over 200 girls were kidnapped by a madman who claims Allah (god) commands him to do these things. I think its time people realize where the leaders they elected to public office put their loyalties".

These comments were made just a few days after a news report by Capitol news in Guyana claimed that Guyana police ranks ransacked homes in Guyana with one woman stating that the police ranks told her daughter to strip naked and squat infront of them, and another report in which a 15 year old boy was shot in his mouth by a cadet officer in the Guyana police force.

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