Jory VS Magnum VS Alabama clash?

Guyanese artistes Jory Hector and Dj Magnum have revived their lyrical battle again.

The two artistes engaged in a lyrical battle last year at Hits and Jams' Jamzone summer break, both artistes arrived with an arsenal of songs as they went toe to toe with each other dishing out diss songs one after the other but unfortunately for Magnum, the fans declared Jory as the winner when the smoke cleared.

Even though the two have settled their differences on the stage, the lyrical feud between the artistes is far from over. GTriddim obtained video footage of Jory in which he claims that Dj Magnum won't stop mentioning his name so he has no other choice but to respond. GTriddim also obtained a response video by from Dj Magnum in which he claims that he was at a stage show and heard Jory disrespecting him.

Both Jory and Magnum have recently released several diss songs aimed at each other. In Magnum song, he claims that Jory have been pirating Vybz Kartel's lyrical flow while Jory released a song called "Me nah love man".

Some fans have also shared their views on the revival of the lyrical feud claiming that they would prefer to witness Jory battling Guyanese artiste Alabama, both Jory and Alabama have also had a lyrical confrontation last year at Slingerz event. Alabama have also released a diss song aimed at Guyanese artistes Lil Million, Jory and Guyana's 2014 soca monarch king Kwasi Ace.

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