Adrian Dutchin is 'Too Bad'

Four of the biggest names in Guyana's music industry have teamed up on an electrifying track that could be one of the biggest collaborations from Guyana's music industry in recent times.

Adrian Dutchin, Guyana's former road march king and one half of the Guyanese duo X2, teamed up with fellow Guyanese artistes Jory Hector, Charmaine Blackman and Guyana's 2014 Carib soca monarch king Kwasi Ace on the track entitled "Too Bad" produced by DP Records.

Throughout the verses of the song the artistes can be heard bashing Guyanese DJs and selectors and highlighting their faults by making references to DJs that talk excessively on the microphones to DJs that constantly play foreign music and not local music.

Each of the aforementioned artistes is a forced to be reckoned with in their own right. Download this song and more Guyanese songs by visiting GTriddim Guyanese music page.

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