Lisa Punch on ABC's Rising Star for Duel competition

Lisa Punch will be on ABC's Rising Star this Sunday in the duel round of the competition against the beautiful Alice Lee. Tune in to ABC on Sunday July 13th at 9PM to watch and vote for the GUYANA POWERHOUSE #TeamLisaPunch #RisingStar.

Lisa Punch managed to raise the wall on the first episode of the competition with the support of fellow Guyanese and other people across the USA.

In order to be able to vote, you must first download the Rising Star app, Check in to vote for Lisa Punch when prompted, and swipe right for YES! It's as easy as that. Also remember, if you check in to vote but don't actually vote it counts as a NO so be sure to put your roti break on hold until you have swiped RIGHT for YES.

Lisa Punch need your votes to make it to the next round! Come on Punchers and team Guyana we can do this, let us raise that wall for Lisa!!

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