Lisa Punch returns to Rising Star tomorrow August 3, 2014

Guyana’s Lisa Punch returns to the Rising Star stage to be part of the Quarter Finals THIS SUNDAY August 3, 2014.

Here are the highlights from Lisa’s last appearance on the Rising Star show: Lisa Punch vs. Alice J. Lee: Alice went first and sang “Wings,” by Little Mix. She set the bar with 69 percent of the vote. Prior to the performance, the experts agreed the best strategy for Lee was to utilize her voice in order to beat Punch’s theatrics. Afterward, all three agreed she was up to the task. Brad voted yes, noting that Alice was a seasoned pro who had the “soul” and “commitment.” Kesha enjoyed the performance, noting Lee’s “energy was great.”

Ludacris believed Alice did her “homework,” agreeing with Kesha that the singer returned with a lot more energy this time. Lee advanced to the quarterfinals.

Lisa followed with a version of Pink’s “Perfect” that fell just shy of the votes needed to beat Alice, earning 66 percent. Earlier, the experts cautioned her that by performing with the wall down, she would have to work harder at engaging the audience with her vocals, rather than her stage presence.

Ludacris felt the pressure of the competition may have gotten the better of her and voted “no.” Kesha liked the performance, voting “yes” and hoping the West Coast would save her. Brad voted “no,” pointing out that he was looking for someone who was ready and Lisa, unfortunately, wasn’t. Punch was ultimately saved by the West Coast and moved on to the quarterfinals.

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