Lisa Punch got a Knock out punch from ABC's Rising Star Competition

Lisa Punch was eliminated from ABC's Rising Star competition after her performance of “Girl On Fire” by Alicia Keys garnered 59% East Coast and 63% West Coast votes, last night.

Lisa Punch of Guyana tackled the relatively dull Alicia Keys’ single “Girl On Fire,” which may have made the difference in her vote. She infused her Carribbean flavor into the verses, which was a really interesting and fun spin, but she was incredibly pitchy in the choruses, failing to reach the song’s high key note on the “fire” and hurting her chances with America. She only got 59 percent of the vote, 1 percent less than Macy Kate and enough to send her back to Brooklyn.

Guyana’s Rising Star, Lisa Punch has sent a message out to her fans as follows.

“This has been great! Thank you for coming together and supporting me the way you did. One People, One Nation, and One Destiny. You better believe this is not the end of Lisa Punch! #KeepPunching ”

And thus, concludes another episode of Rising Star, with Guyana’s Lisa Punch eliminated as she was unable to attain the West Coast save which she earned on her last outing on Rising Star.

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