Lisa Punch reflect on ABC's Rising Star Competition

ABC’s Rising Stars Reality Show contestant, Lisa Punch, a Guyanese by birth had the opportunity to perform at the inaugural Guyana Festival 2014 which drew a huge audience at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence, over a three-day period.

The songstress who was eliminated just before the quarter-final round expressed her excitement that she was actually called and asked to perform at the event.
In a recent interview, Lisa Punch said that as soon as she received the call from the organisers, she jumped on the opportunity but had to get clearance from her management team which obviously did not have a problem.

In reflecting on her experience in the competition, he she said “It was amazing… It is one of the best experiences thus far in my entire life and I really enjoyed it”.
Soon after the stage performance in Los Angeles, she was contacted for the Guyana gig and this has obviously helped her to take her mind off of the competition as she flew home to entertain her Guyanese supporters.

Punch admitted that there were some challenges during her participation in the competition which were not that easy to cope with but eventually she overcame them with a smile on her face.
“Once you put your mind to something, it will come to reality especially when you do it with lots of love. Just don’t focus on the challenges but rather focus on what the reward will be”, she added.

At her last performance before elimination, she sang “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys. While she thought that she has done well, she thinks that America had the last say. She was caught in the bottom again and was hoping for a second save by the West Coast but this was not to be.
She had to beat 60 per cent, but fell short by a mere one per cent. “I don’t know what went wrong… I was totally enjoying myself and it was all up to America… I was having a blast but ultimately, the votes weren’t enough to put me through to the next round”.

She felt as if she has done everything she had to do and more so, did it to the best of her ability and with Guyana in mind, she was sure she had nailed it.

Currently, Punch with the assistance of an amazing management team is working on getting a record deal with Capital Records. “We are working on the next deal and we will keep going. We want what is best for Guyana… I love my country and I will do anything I can to let people know about Guyana and that is why when I was on Rising Star, I made sure that I mentioned my country that I am proud of”.
Lisa Punch has made all of Guyana proud!

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