Dj Magnum says Hits and Jams planned to sabotage his clash with Jory

Guyanese artiste Dj Magnum was scheduled to engage in a lyrical clash at the Hits and Jams - Jamzone Beach Jam event, with his musical nemesis Jory, but after only lasting roughly about 4 minutes on stage in the clash, Magnum abruptly abandoned the clash and is now blaming Hits and Jams and the DJ's and Selectors involved with the event for trying to sabotage his performance.

According to Dj Magnum, the promoters of the event were very unorganized and did not specifically inform him when he should be at the venue to perform, they instead only told him the time his performance was going to end which left the artiste to estimate his own time of arrival at the venue.

Dj Magnum further states that around two hours before his arrival at the venue, the DJ's and Selectors at the event were on the mic telling patrons at the event that he (Dj Magnum) had not arrived at the venue because he was afraid to clash Jory.

Dj Magnum says that the DJ's and Selectors even went as far as publicly declaring that they wanted Jory to win the clash in an attempt to brainwash patrons and sabotage his performance.

Magnum also states that the favoritism became even more transparent when after the promoters warned both artistes to keep their performances "clean", they [the DJ's] proceeded to play an intro for Jory that was filled with profanity, the promoters even threatened to shut the venue down if the artistes didn't "behave themselves".

Magnum concludes that the efforts of the promoters, DJ's and Selectors at the event were successful because as soon as he went on stage he was already being booed hence the reason for him abandoning the clash.

Dj Magnum and Jory have been releasing tracks aimed at each other for quite some time now, all of which can be found on GTriddim's music download page.

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