Guyana's 2014 soca monarch king Kwasi Ace is bored

Guyana's 2014 reigning soca monarch king Kwasi Ace says he is bored with the repetitious trend of fellow Guyanese artistes and their style of music, so he has decided to release a song to demonstrate his lyrical prowess and to spice up Guyana's music industry.

In the single titled "Lyrical Supremacy", Kwasi Ace challenges artistes to upgrade their songs from what he describes as nursery school rhymes into more complex lyrical content after which he then proceeds to demonstrate how it should be done.

It is not clear whether Kwasi has his sight set on a particular artiste but he clearly challenges any artiste that think they might be on the lyrical level he is.

Kwasi Ace dethroned Guyana's former Carib soca monarch King Jumo Primo earlier this year to secure his spot as the new Carib soca monarch king with his single "Still in the game". Since then, there have been a slew of artistes releasing diss tracks aimed at him, all of which he have ignored up until now because he was more focused on releasing positive songs and furthering his career.

Most of Kwasi Ace songs can be found on GTriddim music download page.

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