Etana defends Heavy D after Gully Bop accusation

Entertainer Etana is defending Heavy D after the renowned artiste manager and promoter was accused by Gully Bop of being ripped off.

According to a post on Twitter, Etana said she has worked with Heavy D for years and was never robbed. In the post on her official Twitter page the strong one said “@heavyd_59 been working with you all these years never been robbed by you yet! Wouldn’t lie bout that either. You a general.”

Gully Bop and Heavy D have severed ties. The 50 year old entertainer in a video posted on social media made the revelation that he wants nothing to do with Heavy D or Emcee Nuffy. According to Gully Bop he has toured Europe, Canada and America and is yet to see what he has worked for.

Heavy D in his defense, issued a press release calling the Bop’s claims untrue warning that legal action will be taken if Gully Bop continues to make such statements.

Heavy D in his lengthy press release also suggested that we may have another Whitney Huston situation on our hands hinting that Gully Bop needs rehab.

However, Gully Bop’s fiance’ Shauna Chin has since rubbished the claims about The Bop’s alleged drug problem.

In an interview with the Jamaica Star, Chin is quoted as saying “I am Bop’s rehab. He has no drug problem. They want people to think he is a coke head, and that’s not true. They are only trying to take the heat off themselves. This can affect his visa, damage his career, etc.. It’s a lie and it hurt me really bad. Bop knows the type of person I am, he knows I don’t condone those things. He doesn’t wanna lose me, so he would not do that.”

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