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All Local Guyanese Musical Artiste can sell their music on, You now have the option to offer your music for FREE download or offer it for Sale. All music will be sold on GTriddim for a Standard rate of $1.00 USD per song.

Please contact us if you would like to start selling your music on GTriddim and we will enable your account, once your account has been enable visitors will only be allowed to download the first 30 seconds of your music and will be required to pay for the full song by using either their Bank Card or PayPal.

We understand all the hard work you as Musical Artiste put into your music and the creativity, so we would like you to start earning from your music.

You can sell all your music that is already on or if you only would like to sell a specific song on you can do that also.

NOTE: Each time your song is sold on you will receive a Reports Notification to your email with the details about the sale.

Contact the account Manager Mr Anthony Johnson Click Here

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